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Little Sisters of the Poor to Withdraw from Our Lady of Hope Residence in Latham
(10/25/2013 – Latham, New York) Today, the leadership of the Little Sisters of the Poor
announced that the Sisters will be withdrawing from Our Lady of Hope residence in Latham, New York sometime in 2014.

Today, the Sisters met with the residents, their families, the staff, the Advisory Board and the volunteers sharing their decision.The Little Sisters came to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany over one hundred years ago in 1871 when they opened their first Home in
Albany, New York. They also opened a Home in Troy in 1873.

In 1976 the Little Sisters merged their Albany and Troy facilities and opened Our Lady of Hope Residence in Latham. During this 142 year period, thousands of residents lived in the Sisters’ Homes and became part of the Little Sisters’ family.Citing both the decrease in
religious vocations and the ability to adequately staff their Homes, the Sisters reluctantly made the decision to withdraw from Our Lady of Hope and the Albany diocese.

Mother Margaret Regina, L.S.P., Provincial Superior of the Brooklyn Province of the Little Sisters of the Poor, explained. “We have been blessed to serve in the Albany Diocese for 142 years and did not arrive at this decision to withdraw easily. Our Congregation finds it is essential to our mission that the Sisters share in the lives of the residents we serve and with the number of sisters available for ministry we cannot maintain all of our

The Sisters’ preference is to transfer the Home to another senior care organization. “We are interested in dialoguing with other health care organizations that might wish to continue to operate Our Lady of Hope as a senior care facility” stated Mother Genevieve Regina, L.S.P., Superior of the Little Sisters’ community in Latham. “We will work closely with the residents, their families and the current staff of Our Lady of Hope to ensure a smooth
transition for the residents.”

Bishop Howard Hubbard, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany, shared both his
gratitude for the ministry of the Little Sisters and his sadness that they would no longer be
serving in the Diocese. “The Little Sisters of the Poor have been an important part of the
Diocese’s health care ministry for over a century and their ministry and personal witness to the Gospel will be missed. On behalf of the Diocese, I want to express our gratitude to the Sisters for their ministry and witness of life.”

For further information, please contact Mark Cregan, Counsel, at 917. 767 .2772.

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